Adding new domain in HELM [ Resellers Only ] [1] Login to HELM [ Using your reseller login information ] [2] Click on Users [3] Click on Add... CDOSYS Sample Email Code <% Dim ObjSendMail Dim iConf Dim Flds   Set ObjSendMail =... Creating SQL Server DataBase in HELM i : Login to HELM using your information ii : Click on [ Domains ] iii : Now click on the row... Creating application/virtual Directory in HELM By default all \wwwroot folders are already configured as application directories. This allows... Frontpage Editing QUESTION ------------------------------------------------------ How frontpage could be used to... HELM Navigation i : Login to HELM using your information ii : Click on [ Domains ] iii : Now click on the row... How can I change my hosting account password ? If you want to change your web hosting account's password and you know your current login... How can I check my website stats? You can view Awstats only if it is enabled in your account. First, log into HELM via... How to create virtual directory in HELM? Follow these steps to create a virtual directory : Login to HELM Click on Domains Click on your... I get a IISPassword error HTTP ERROR 500 when I try to view my site. The reason you are seeing this is generally because you have a .htaccess file in your directory.... I have created an FTP user and was able to login but user can't see the home directory in FTP window. Also the user could not transfer files over. What may be the reason? Cause: New FTP users can not FTP to the Website unless they provide the website name as Remote... Interactive HELM Tutorial Follow this url to get access to Interactive HELM Tutorial.... Internal clients cannot use Internet Explorer to access FTP sites SYMPTOMS When you use Microsoft Internet Explorer to try to access a File Transfer Protocol... MS Access DSN Connection Example <% set rs=Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset") db="DSN=MyDSN;UID=;PWD=;" SQL = "SELECT *... MS Access DSN Less Connection Example Here is the example code for dsn less ms access connection. <% Set db =... Modifying an Email Account Follow these steps to modify your email account : [1] Login to HELM using following information... Perl PROBLEM: When you use a Common Gateway Interface (CGI) application with Microsoft Internet... SQL Server Connection String string str = 'server=localhost;database=dbname;uid=dbuser;pwd=dbpass;'; dbname : Your Database... Uploading / Updating Microsoft SQL Server DataBase 1 : Upload your local database files [ LDF & MDF ] any where in WWW folder. Theses database...
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