Acquiring a domain post expiry If you want to acquire a domain name which you think will not be renewed, it is still better to... CName Information What is a CNAME? CNAME-Records (Canonical name for an alias) CNAME-records are domain name... Can I set up links between my domains? Web Linking is a service which will automatically link two domains which are on Domain Name Availability .com, .net and .org domain name availability is verified by Easyspace and other accredited... Domain Name Availability Search Two searches are performed when you do an availability search for a domain. The first tries to... Domain Name Ownership The owner of a domain can be a company, individual or organization. Ownership belongs to the... Domain Status [ ACTIVE ] Immediately upon registration a domain name becomes ACTIVE, meaning that it is not available for... Domain Status [ PENDING DELETE ] Once a domain name leaves the redemption period status it goes into PENDING DELETE status. Under... Domain Status [ REDEMPTION PERIOD ] Once a domain name leaves the registrar-hold status it goes into REDEMPTION PERIOD status.... Domain Status [ REGISTRAR-HOLD ] Once a domain name expires, it will usually move to the REGISTRAR-HOLD status. Although the... How can I setup MX records on my domain name? To set up the domain name to send all emails to your own mail server you will need a Static IP... How do I setup/order/change a redirection service? Create a Support Request to get the following services. How long does registration take Registration of .com, .net, .org domain names may take 24/48 hours to propagate around the... I have a dynamic IP address, how can I set up a server on my broadband connection? If you have a dynamic IP address i.e. it changes and does not stay the same and you cannot get a... IP pointing / zone changes To Allow IP pointing / zone changes just follow these easy instructions. If you do not... My domain is in the redemption period. Should I redeem it or wait until it is deleted? It is becoming increasingly common for domains to be back ordered. Domains are commonly being... Sample of letterhead for domain Kindly provide us letterhead from the head of the institute with signature and seal (stamp) of... What are the different types of IP Pointing Zone records? Record types: A records are for pointing a subdomain of your domain name (we have used... What is a domain name? A domain name is an area on the Internet which identifies your company, organization, a... Where will my Domain Name reside? Econs provides name servers upon registration of new domain names. A Domain Name server is a... Who owns my domain name? The Registrant or person or organization listed in "Whois Information" owns the Domain Name for... Why is my cloaked redirection not working? Cloaked redirection works through frames. Where java or flash is used in the target web page, it...
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